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Loxia leucoptera
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The White-winged Crossbill’s winter range typically extends from Labrador and Newfoundland south to northern New England and northern New York, west to northern Minnesota and central Canada to Alaska and south through British Columbia to western Montana and northern Idaho. The map below shows the extent of the White-winged Crossbill irruption so far this winter.

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Unedited reports of White-winged Crossbill through February 1998.

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Wild food preferences of White-winged Crossbill

The primary wild food of White-winged Crossbills is conifer cones. The winter finch survey is showing that this crossbill is most often found in areas of moderate to heavy cone crops.

The 1997-98 Perspective:

  • A major irruption of White-winged Crossbills has occurred in western Pennsylvania at Cook State Forest. Reports indicate that the crossbills are feeding on an abundant hemlock cone crop.
  • The last major invasion of White-winged Crossbills into the mid-Atlantic States was 25 years ago in 1972.

  • The last time White-winged Crossbills were observed in Delaware was 1988.
  • More than 200 White-winged Crossbills were seen in one location in Massachusetts, and New Jersey
  • Tennessee had it third state record of White-winged Crossbill in December..
  • A single White-winged Crossbill was reported from central Kansas, a region this species has rarely ever visited.
Listen to a recording of White-winged Crossbill from the Library of Natural Sounds. The first two examples are of the song; it is followed by an example of how they sound as a flock.
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