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What is a "Superflight?"

What Do We Mean By "Invading"?

Where Did These Invaders Come From?

Was the 1997-98 Irruption More Significant for Some Winter Finches Than Others?

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Where Were They Going?

The earliest indications that 1997-98 might be a record winter finch season came from northern Michigan, with reports of Common Redpolls in mid-September. By October 26, all of the winter finch species except Hoary Redpoll had been reported in Ithaca, New York, an event that has not occurred in 20 years and never so early in the season. Many reports to the North American Winter Finch Survey came from New England; the Hudson-Delaware, mid-Atlantic, and Appalachian regions; Ontario; the western Great Lakes area, and the Midwestern Prairie and Great Plains regions.