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Carpodacus purpureus
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Purple Finches winter from southern Quebec across southern Ontario to Manitoba, south to Texas and northern Florida. In the west, they winter from southern British Columbia south through southern California to northern Baja, Mexico. The map below indicates where Purple Finches are being reported so far this season.

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Unedited reports of Purple Finch through February 1998.

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Wild food preferences of Purple Finch

The primary wild food of Purple Finches is tree seeds. The winter finch survey is showing that Purple Finches are most often found in areas of moderate to heavy seed crops.

The 1997-98 Perspective:

  • The preferred food of Purple Finches are buds, fruits, and seeds. Elm buds was the preferred food prior to the tree's decline.
  • Last November, Purple Finches were reported in large numbers through New York and New England. This year, numbers across the continent are low.
Listen to a recording of Purple Finch from the Library of Natural Sounds. The first 2 examples are of the song of the Purple Finch, then their are several examples of their "pit" call.
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