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Pinicola enucleator
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The winter range of the Pine Grosbeak extends from Labrador south to northern Maine, west to northern Manitoba, and from Alaska south at high elevations to New Mexico, Arizona, and California. The map below illustrates where this species has been seen so far this season.

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Unedited reports of Pine Grosbeak  through February 1998.
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Wild food preferences of Pine Grosbeak

The primary wild food of Pine Grosbeaks is berries. The winter finch survey is showing that, contrary to the pattern set by other winter finch species, the Pine Grosbeak irruption does not seem to correspond to wild food abundance.


The 1997-98 Perspective:

  • Large flights of Pine Grosbeaks were observed along the western shores of Lake Superior in late October and early.
  • This season’s appearance of this species in states such as Iowa and New Jersey suggest the magnitude of this season’s winter finch invasion.

Listen to a recording of Pine Grosbeak from the Library of Natural Sounds at Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology. The first two cuts are of the song of the Pine Grosbeak; the last two are of its call.

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