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Coccothraustes vespertinus
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In a typical nonirruption year, the year-round range of the Evening Grosbeak extends from the Maritimes and southern Quebec across Canada and the northern U.S. to British Columbia, and south at high elevations to central Mexico. During average irruption years, they occur unpredictably as far south as Georgia in the east and across to northern Louisiana and Texas. The map below shows where Evening Grosbeaks are being reported already this season.

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Unedited reports of Evening Grosbeak during the Winter of 1997-98.
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The 1997-98 Perspective:

  • Tennessee reported Evening Grosbeaks as early as mid-November. It is highly unusual for this species to be this far south at so early a date.
  • Not since the irruption winter of 1968-69, when Evening Grosbeaks were observed in Tallahassee, Florida, has this species irrupted in such high numbers.

Listen to a recording of Evening Grosbeak from the Library of Natural Sounds. The first example is that of their individual calls. This is followed by an example of how they sound in a flock.

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EVGRfemale.GIF (23601 bytes) Evening Grosbeak (female)
Evening Grosbeak (male) EVGRmale.GIF (33145 bytes)

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