Prairie Warbler

Dendroica discolor
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Description: Olive above, with faint chestnut streaks on back; yellow below. Black streaks on sides of neck and body. Yellow eyebrow, yellow cheek. Pale wing bars.

Song: Distinctive, quickly ascending series of buzzy "zee" notes.

Produced by: Library of Natural Sounds at the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology.

Distribution: Breeding range extends from southeast Texas north through eastern Oklahoma to southern Missouri, east through south-central Indianna to southern New England south to northern Florida and most of Gulf States. Scattered populations north of primary breeding range to Michigan and southern Ontario. Nests in open woodlands scrub areas, old fields and orchards, mangrove swamps.

Winters mainly in the West Indies, also in southern Florida.

Migrates inland through the southern states typically mid-April. Arrives in southern New England at the end of April into May.

Status: Breeding range has increased, though experiencing declines over much of range. Breeding Bird Survey

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