Nashville Warbler

Vermivora ruficapilla
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Description: A common warbler with a gray head and striking white eye-ring. Upperparts greenish and underparts  dirty yellow, with bright yellow undertail coverts.

Song: A series of “see-pit” notes followed by a trill, like, “see-pit see-pit see-pit titititi.”

Produced by: Library of Natural Sounds at the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology.

Distribution: Breeds in a variety of habitats preferentially in boggy or wet-wooded areas. Eastern race (ruficapilla) breeds from central Saskatchewan through the Canadian Maritimes, south through the Great Lakes region into New England. The western race (ridgwayii) breeds from southern British Columbia south to central California.

Winters in central Mexico south through Belize.

An early migrant that circumnavigates the Gulf of Mexico. Arrives in Texas typically in late March. The bulk of the migration is north through the Ohio and Mississippi River valleys. Nashville Warblers arrive at their breeding grounds mid-May.

Status: The eastern race of Nashville Warbler (ruficapilla) is increasing or stable; slightly increasing in northern parts of its range.Western (ridgwayii) is stable. Breeding Bird Survey

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