Magnolia Warbler

Dendroica magnolia
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Description: Gray crown with striking white supercilium. The upperparts are dark, with a bright yellow rump, and a broad white wing patch. Undersides yellow with black streaks. Undertail predominately white with broad black tip.

Song: Rich, whistled, “weety weety weetyo.”

Produced by: Library of Natural Sounds at the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology.

Distribution: Breeds in coniferous and mixed forests across Canada, south through the upper Great Lakes, New England, and through the Appalachians.

Winters in southern Mexico south to Panama.

The Magnolia Warbler is a trans-Gulf migrant that arrives along the Gulf Coast in late April. Birds typically arrive in the Great Lakes and New England in mid–May.

Status: Populations are increasing through most regions In the Northeast, this is likely because of increased habitat resulting from the maturing of abandoned farmland. Breeding Bird Survey

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