Kentucky Warbler

Oporornis formosus
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Description: Bright olive above, yellow below. Yellow supercilium contrasts with black on forehead and sides of face.

Song: A rich, rolling, "churee churee churee."

Produced by: Library of Natural Sounds at the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology.

Distribution: Breeds from east-central Texas north to parts of Iowa and Wisconsin, west from southern New York south to the Florida panhandle. Nests in dense undergrowth of moist, deciduous-conifer woodlands.

Winters from the Mexican lowlands through the Yucatan peninsula south through Central America.

A trans-Gulf migrant, arriving on the Gulf Coast beginning in late March and early April (significant numbers noted only in Gulf Coast migrant traps such as upper Texas coast, usually mid-April). Arrives at northern end of breeding range during the second week of May.

Status: Though appears stable through most of range, this species is a frequent cowbird host and is sensitive to fragmentation. Some local declines due to forest clearing and deer overbrowsing. Breeding Bird Survey

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