Hermit Warbler

Dendroica occidentalis

Description: Gray above, white below. Yellow head with black nape and crown, black chin and throat.

Song: A high “zeee zeee zeee see-see-zee?”

Produced by: Library of Natural Sounds at the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology.

Distribution: Breeding range is from western Washington south to northwest California and in western California south through the Sierra Navadas, with small numbers in the San Gabriel and San Bernardino mountains. Nests in coniferous forests in moutainous areas.

Winters in montane western Mexico through Central American highlands to Nicaragua.

Migrates primarily through southern Arizona and the Pacific state. Typically arrives in central California mid-April and at northernmost breeding range end of April.

Status: Possibly expanding south due to competition with Townsend’s Warbler.
Breeding Bird Survey

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