Black-throated Green Warbler

Dendroica virens
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Description: Bright olive above, white below. Yellow face, greenish ear patch. Male has black throat and upper breast. Black streaks on sides.

Song: A buzzy "zee zee zee zo-zwee."

Produced by: Library of Natural Sounds at the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology.

Distribution: Breeding range from extreme east-central British Columbia east through Canadian boreal forest band to Labrador and Newfoundland, south to northern Great Lakes region and Appalachians to Alabama. Scattered populations in Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. Also breeds along coastal Carolinas. Nests in coniferous and mixed forests (sometimes in purely deciduous forests) with several layers of foliage.

Winters in southern Florida, but mainly in Mexico through Central America to central Panama. Also in the Bahamas and Greater Antilles.

Migration primarily trans-Gulf. Peak Gulf Coast migration is during last week of April into early May. Reachers north end of range mid-May.

Status: Long-term declines reported in some areas. Breeding Bird Survey

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