Count Instructions
You're invited to participate in Warbler Watch

If you've seen any of the warblers listed below, please fill out a survey form. Your information will allow us to monitor the migratory movements and breeding distributions of North American warblers.

Please make sure you answer all the initial questions on the checklist.

For us to make accurate connections between the birds and the rest of the natural world, we need to make sure the information collected for Warbler Watch is standardized among observers. By taking a little extra time, you can help us

  • better understand if certain birds prefer certain habitats
  • study the relationship between weather and birds
  • determine how time of day, duration of time spent birding, and other factors influence how many of which species we see
  • Tell us how many of each warbler species you saw.

  • Indicate in the box beside the name how many individuals of that species you saw. If you watched warblers in more than one location, please fill out a survey form for each place. Important: Do not add together counts from different days. In order to determine accurate population numbers and migration patterns, it's essential that you fill out a survey form for each day that you watched warblers.

  • If you noticed any evidence of nesting activity please indicate this by selecting the activity from the scroll-down box.

  • If you would like to add any comments, please do so in the scrolling textbox at the end of the warbler species list. We appreciate your input!

  • Please make sure to give us your e-mail address. We may need to contact you to verify reports of unusual sightings.

  • Make sure to click on the submit key to insure that your survey has been sent.
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