Seasonal Migrations

Seasonal migration involves a yearly round trip between two areas. Many bird species breed in northern North America and winter far to the South. The Black-throated Blue Warbler, for example, breeds in the northeastern United States up into Canada and winters in the Caribbean.
This map shows the spring migration route through Florida, based on reports from 1999 Warbler Watch data.

The size of each point indicates the number of birds reported by the observer. Red points indicate reports for the time period indicated by the red marker in the time bar at the top of the map. Gray points indicate reports from earlier in the migration, showng a 'time shadow' of where the birds have been reported.
On the other hand, the Black-throated Green Warbler winters in Central America and passes through Texas on its migration north to the same breeding region as the Black-throated Blue Warbler. The difference in the migration routes can be seen when the map above is compared to that in the animated map below.
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